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March 17, 2013

17 March, 2013 00:11

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[private] it is reassuring when i’m handed a child because she’s tired and needs something fun to finish class. Fun turned out to be bouncing her up in the air, spinning her around, and then parking her on my back to go catch a friend and tow him across the pool to then start singing.


March 8, 2013

8 March, 2013 16:34

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[private] I’ve been teaching a lot of body rotation.We are designed to have limits to shoulder range of motion. The shoulder is a limited ball joint. However, it means most people don’t have the ability to take a stroke and then lift their arm up, out of the water, and around in front of the head. Our arms usually go to a 180 degree angle, but it’s a physical rarity to move arms to a 270 degree angle. When swimming freestyle and backstroke, the axis of rotation should be aligned with but not the same as the spine. When preventing or caring for back troubles, people are taught to move with hips and shoulders aligned.

8 March, 2013 16:33

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[private] My little angry and reluctant swimmer is now swimming more than 10 feet at a time without assistance. He doesn’t transition very well. Getting in is an issue, getting out is an issue, a different teacher for the day used to be a major issue. He used to run away when it was time to get in. He definitely LIKES swim class, he just doesn’t like getting in the pool. I no longer need to catch him. He will let me scoop him up, but then it’s the problem. He won’t let go. Finally, halfway across the pool, i inform him it’s time to let go. for multiple weeks he started every lesson as if i was attempting to bathe a VERY unhappy cat.

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